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Montclair Chef is proud to be an MLC 2006 certified placement agency.
Montclair Chef is a Certified Recruitment and Placement Agency and we go above and beyond the requirements of the MLC 2006 ( Maritime Labour Convention, 2006)
At Montclair Chef -, we want to assure seafarers and candidates that they will not be subjected to any direct or indirect fees or charges for recruitment, placement, or the employment provided to them.
Furthermore, we operate with a strict policy of NO BLACKLIST.
Montclair Chef - does not maintain or use any blacklist. Should you require further assistance or have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Your satisfaction is our priority.
Montclair Chef - has established a complaints procedure for your convenience. To review our procedure, please click here.
You can reach our Director, Chris Demaillet, at the following contact information:
Director of Montclair Chef
Telephone: +34661128890

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